what makes life worth living (the thankful edition)

21 Oct

Well, here we are again with another weekly post and nothing in between it and the last one. A thousand pardons. I really am trying to think of ways to blog more. Really and truly.

I was going to do something a little bit different this week – I was going to chronicle all the good things about it in pictures, instead of making a laundry list of joyful things. But, as I always find, trying to get good pictures of things while you’re (a) at work, (b) holding a purse and a drink, (c)  having way too much fun to remember to drag out your camera can prove challenging. So that idea didn’t exactly work out this week. BUT in my attempt to make it work, I did get a few snapshots of some fun times. And I didn’t want to skip my weekly tradition just because it didn’t live up to my vision. I did decide to make it a little differently formatted though, as you’ll see in a second.

I’m off to work in a few minutes, but maybe when I get off I’ll squeeze in a moment between stopping by the Apple store to see if they can remove the shrapnel of charger that got stuck in my computer and finishing the belated first 10 pages of my novel proposal to upload some of those pictures I told you about. But until then…


I’m thankful for portobello burgers and sweet potato fries from the Veggie Grill. Also tapas. And Haven burgers. And cheesy eggs, and breakfast burritos, and turkey and cheese on a baguette. Mmm. (I thought I’d get all the food out of the way at the beginning.)

I’m thankful for what felt like a long, full night of some really quality hanging out, and yet somehow getting home at 10:45 anyway.

I’m thankful for buy-one-get-one-free silky florals at Forever 21.

I’m thankful for the insane variety of different kinds of fruit there are in the world. I mean, have you seen lychees? Are you kidding me? And think about apples, compared to bananas, compared to raspberries, compared to oranges…no two are the same. Such diversity. I love it.

I’m thankful for really honest conversations.

I’m thankful for naps, and really good nights’ sleep.

I’m thankful for the fact I had cold medicine I could bring to my brother, who was feeling under the weather.

I’m thankful for my funny roommates, and moments I share laughing with them.

I’m thankful for feeling more and more comfortable with myself.

I’m thankful for care packages from my mom that always come brimming with mascara and socks and mini stationery.

I’m thankful for vacation anticipation. (Next month: Utah, and Catalina, and maybe a semi-spontaneous surprise trip…)

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the photo shoot that my roommate Janet was in charge of, for the spring 2012 lookbook for the designer she works for. I got to get all dressed up with two other beautiful girls and prance around grassy fields, alternately barefoot and in heels, for a good couple of hours on Tuesday morning in the beautiful foggy weather. It was SO much fun. (Also, I’m thankful for the yellow dress Janet gave me later that night!)

I’m thankful for wearing that dress out for a really amazing evening.

I’m thankful for Janet, without whose belt and shoes I wouldn’t have been able to wear the dress.

I’m thankful for laughing, rooftop bars, warm coats and seemingly deserted hotels with strange cryptic messages printed everywhere you look.

I’m thankful for Max Bloom’s Cafe Noir.

I’m thankful for English bulldogs, even though I don’t have one. Yet. I’m thankful that they exist so I can live with the hope that I will have one someday.

I’m thankful for the vase of baby roses my mom had set out on the nightstand in my old room when I got home last night.

I’m thankful for hugs from my parents before I go to sleep.

I’m thankful for yesterday’s makeup.

I’m thankful for Kyle, without whom my weeks would be much less full of honest conversations, and laughter, and rooftop bars, and turkey and cheese on baguettes, and sweetness.

I’m thankful for my Thursday night quasi-writing group and all the wonderfully hilarious, witty and sometimes creepy conversations we manage to pack into the course of one evening.

I’m thankful for all of the things I get the opportunity to do throughout my days, even when I’m stressed, and tired, and burned out, as I inevitably am.

What are you thankful for? Start your own tradition.


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