well, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

22 Nov

Probably my favorite decoration that’s always up at our house at Christmastime.

Since there are only two days (two!) until Thanksgiving now, I think it’s well past time for me to start getting deliriously excited for this holiday season. Brother and I drove home tonight so he could pack before we leave tomorrow at eight in the morning to spend Thanksgiving in Utah with the rest of the Bischof clan – I’m so excited! I don’t think it’s going to snow while we’re there…unfortunately…but I brought my snow boots just in case!

What I’m really excited about is getting back from Utah, because in my opinion Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving (or at least on December 1st) and I have serious plans to start celebrating the season in full force. This year I can’t wait for:

  • Bringing home a real Christmas tree and decorating my parents’ house while listening to Amy Grant’s Home For Christmas album (I have driven home in early December every single year I’ve been away at college for the sole purpose of making sure this tradition gets honored and that I am a part of it)
  • Roommate Secret Santa (yes!)
  • Going to as many Christmas parties as possible (Christmas party season is right around the corner!)
  • Buying poinsettias
  • Spending a whole week at home with my family
  • The Christmas tree lighting in the Orange Circle next weekend
  • Disneyland (I went last weekend and it’s already decorated! I’m hoping they still have the fireworks show with the fake snow…)
  • Going to Mammoth for a few days in between Christmas and New Year’s (where it BETTER be snowing…)
  • Sledding! (This will happen.)
  • Going to the Christmas Eve service at church
  • Lots of apple cider and hot chocolate
  • Listening to Holidays On Ice, which I just downloaded from Audible
  • Spending as much time as possible near fireplaces
  • Watching A Christmas Story. And Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean. And A Benihana Christmas.
  • Christmas day, presents, stockings, and seeing my mom’s side of the family.
  • Holiday dinners.
  • Sitting in a hot tub in freezing weather.
  • Eating peppermint bark. And Dreyer’s peppermint ice cream, which only comes out around Christmastime, giving me little to no reason to live the rest of the year.
  • Christmas music. Obviously.

Please tell me what you’re looking forward to this Christmas season! I’d love to hear about your holiday traditions, ideas, and plans for this year!


2 Responses to “well, it is the most wonderful time of the year.”

  1. Melissa November 22, 2011 at 10:12 am #

    Your list has just about covered all of my favorites too!!! We must be friends or something. Although I would add Gloria Estefan’s and NSYNC’s Christmas albums to your Amy Grant album.

    I do have to confess my roommate and I are cheating and our house is already decorated! But we both will be going back and forth between our family’s houses and our house that we wanted to enjoy as much time as possible with it decorated.

    This Christmas I will miss having Harry Potter to read. And I will miss Disneyland with you in the pouring rain!

    But for now, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  2. Mallorey November 22, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    That is definitely not cheating! If I still lived with my parents or if the house I live in now wasn’t so chaotic, I would probably have already at least started to decorate. Can we do something Christmasy together soon?!

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