10 things that made me really happy today

29 Nov

I’ve realized recently that I think sometimes I blog about the good things so I can stop thinking about the bad things. This may or may not be a form of denial. Well, screw it. I’m emotionally exhausted and this week isn’t showing signs of improving much. So I’m doing what we bloggers do and focusing on the little things.

Number one:

This is what me and my brother do after the dentist. (Sorry, Dr. Lovingier.)

Number two:

Molly McAleer. (Read this and this. And this quote is so me.) She is kick-ass.

Number three:

Climbing into bed with clean sheets and my wonderfully and aptly named comforter.

Number four:

Seeing a crowd of people wearing party hats on Metzger Lawn celebrating President Corey’s birthday.
Birthdays? DBC? Party hats? Crowds? Public celebrations?
The whole thing just filled my heart with glee.

Number five:

Sitting in the living room with Janet, Lauren, and Raquel,
50% doing our homework, 50% sharing things on the Internet with each other,
and 100% laughing a whole lot.
(We also made the “First World Problems” wall that I have been wanting to for a while now…details later!)

Number six:

My friend Lauren’s review of Breaking Dawn. She makes me laugh out loud.

Number seven:

Number eight:

I wanted to jump in these sooooooo bad!

Number nine:

Drinking coffee first thing in the morning.

Number ten:

Feeling liberated.


“They probably crap roses and fart perfume.” -Janet


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