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back in california.

26 Nov

We just got back from Utah about an hour ago, and I’m wasting no time in looking at the pictures I took while we were there. I only see these people once a year and I already miss them like crazy. Along with the clean fresh air. And the gazillions of stars you can see at night. And the cot I slept on, on which I strangely got some of the best nights of sleep I can recall. Although I’m not really missing the weather…it was 21 degrees when we left this morning. My born-and-bred southern California skin is not okay with that.

My cozy little mountain hideaway (and my favorite scarf!)

Jim and Laura’s dog, Sadie. Isn’t she the cutest???

Jenna, Kyle and Callie watching an intense game of pool…if there is such a thing…

I cannot get enough of this little munchkin.
We totally bonded over how ‘M’ is clearly the best letter.
(Her name’s Mylie, if you didn’t know. She’s kind of a big deal.)

Fall colors.
(This is a picture of our Thanksgiving table runner that I found on my camera.
But I kind of like it. Thanks, mystery photographer.)

“Bunny-ears Boston.” -Jonah Hughes

Our ridiculous family tree that I drew on the tablecloth at Thanksgiving dinner.
(This isn’t even all of it. These are just the names I know.)

Little cousins EVERYWHERE.
(This is Rhylan and Jonah.)

On Thanksgiving we also celebrated my great-uncle Rudy’s 85th birthday.
He’s awesome.

More camera theft.
Jenna and I are clearly super stoked about playing on the Kinect.
(Did I even phrase that right? All these new game systems coming out make me feel old…)

On Friday, my parents, my brother, and my cousin Sam went snowboarding,
and everybody else went shooting. I decided to go along for once…

And then I kind of shot a gun for the first time.
(Excuse the poor photo quality. These were taken on my phone.
Also note the look of fierce concentration on my face.)

And then someone handed me a bigger gun…
(and showed me how to hold it so I wouldn’t get hurt!)

And then…I shot a freakin’ 12-gauge.

I can’t think of a prettier place to have this experience, either…

This is Mylie again. I don’t think words are necessary here.

A view of the valley that Jim and Laura’s house overlooks.
This doesn’t even do it justice…especially considering how it looks when it’s snowy…

P.S. On Thanksgiving, some of my cousins and I had a competition to see who could gain the most weight in the course of the day. The stakes were that the winner (the person who gained the most weight) got to decide what the loser (the person who gained the least weight) had to do as punishment. It was a fierce battle, but after some contention and a few people going back downstairs to eat more before weighing themselves again, the final verdict was:

1st place – Kyle (5.1 pounds)
2nd place – Me and Ryan (tied at 3.7 pounds)
3rd place – Jenna (3.2 pounds)
4th place – Jorey (3 pounds)
5th place – Tyler (2.9 pounds)

I have to say it was quite a surprising outcome…we all expected Tyler to win. But let’s just say he made a fatal mistake between dinner and the pie course, and…well…expunged some of his progress. So my brother, being the kindhearted person that he is, decided that Tyler’s fate would be no worse than having to remove his shirt and roll around in the snow in the backyard a few times. Not a very harsh punishment…but still hilarious. And of course I documented it for posterity. (And, it turned out, for Ryan’s sake, who was puking in the bathroom when it went down and didn’t even get to see it.) Sadly you can’t really see the part where he actually rolls in the snow…but it’s still funny.


I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Back to the grind tomorrow…as they say…


in utah.

23 Nov

The view from my car window on the drive up.

Guys, do you have any idea how beautiful it is in Utah? The house we’re staying in (it belongs to my dad’s cousin, Laura, and her husband, Jim, and it’s amazing)¬†looks out on a huge valley that is almost completely surrounded by gigantic, snow-covered mountains, with a lake shimmering in the distance. It’s breathtaking.

Today consisted of not much more than a late breakfast, some reading, and a trip to the Provo Mall before making the drive out to Lehi for my [second] cousin [once removed] Kiezek’s sixth birthday party.

Kiezek is the coolest. He had a motorcycle-shaped cake. And I spent the rest of the night trying to snap picture after picture of him, his brother Jaysten, and his sister Mylie.

So glad we got to be a part of Kiezek’s birthday! I love my little cousins.