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16 Nov

Middlesex, a miniature pinscher, and questionably-colored nail polish.

Fall in La Mirada

The insanity that is my “school purse.” That’s three books, one beat-up Bible, one planner, one laptop, one notebook, one wallet, one huge camera, one pair of sunglasses that miraculously aren’t broken (yet), and two cookies from McDonald’s. Not pictured: a ton of other crap.

The fact that I captured this moment of terror on camera…

Big Bear Lake at sunset.

Hiking in the snow (I’ll post more pictures from Big Bear when I get my disposable camera film developed!)

Christmas glee.


summer in october.

21 Oct

Yes, that is a swim trunks vending machine you see above. Hopefully this will serve as motivation to do what I’ve been meaning to for months now and chronicle my life through pictures a little bit better. And hopefully I’ll be able to pass my beloved camera off to some (trusted) other person every now and then so I can get a picture that includes more of myself than just my feet or my reflection. Although it would be kind of fun to do something like this (gross, I know), if I didn’t wear the exact same shoes almost every day.