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25 Oct

My roommate Raquel is the worst (or the best?) at finding things on the Internet that are either wonderful/hilarious/stupid/horrifying and dragging us all down with her in being obsessed with them, at least for five seconds. (If you want another example of the kinds of things she shows me, google Cobra Taka Taka.) Little miss Cecilia Cassini is the newest installment in this series of trainwrecks. Scene: we’re all up late and sitting in the living room, alternating 5 minutes of homework with 20 minutes of procrastinating, when I hear the most AWFUL and grating voice emanating from Raquel’s laptop.

Me: What are you watching?
Raquel: Google Cecilia Cassini.

Famous last words. I followed her questionable advice and got sucked into the world of this 10-year-old monster for at least 10 or 15 minutes, wondering aloud why I couldn’t shop her merch online and listening to Lydia collapse in laughter over Cecilia’s gratuitous use of exclamation points on her blog (yes, her blog) and the fact that her newest line is called Boat. (Yes, Boat.) Janet was on the verge of a breakdown at the sound of her voice in the video above, but I couldn’t look away. It was like a car accident. The sad thing is that this little girl would be really cute and impressively talented if she wasn’t so horrible and spoiled.

And this is also for anyone who has ever said I have a really bad Valley Girl accent. Take it back.